Novaes, Plantulli e Manzoli Advogados, a

Succession and Estate Planning

The practicality brought about by the technological progress that allows instant investments to be made on a global scale also engenders a need for strict organization and regularization of assets in order to avoid conflicts and unwanted expenses at the time of succession.

With this concept in mind, Novaes, Plantulli & Manzoli – Law Associates offers solutions exclusively tailored to each specific case and to the needs of each client, in order to ensure the transfer of assets with the highest possible efficiency and predictability.

In this area, there is emphasis on acting in situations such as:

•    Restructuring of family businesses and creation of governance mechanisms;
•    Establishment of holding companies in Brazil or abroad;
•    Tax regularization of assets located abroad;
•    Donations and constitution of philanthropic entities;
•    Tax analysis of the incidence of ITCMD and other taxes;
•    International tax analysis to research mechanisms that prevent double taxation;
•    Regulatory action with the Brazilian Central Bank for declarations of assets abroad;
•    Tax domicile;
•    Wills;
•    Changes in property regimes and creation of legal mechanisms to regulate relationships that do not give          rise to succession rights.