Novaes, Plantulli e Manzoli Advogados, a

Succession and Family Law

The firm has professionals with great experience to assist our clients in a practical and effective way with the presentation of solutions for existing conflicts and the prevention of future conflicts within the scope of family and succession law, according to the analysis of the client's needs and with the sensitivity and dedication that the matter requires. 

In this field of law, we act extrajudicially, for example:

•    Elaborating prenuptial agreements, courtship contracts, stable union contracts, terminations and                      institution of family property;
•    Preparing wills (including living wills);
•    Preparing trustee appointment declaration deeds;
•    Preparing donation deeds; 
•    Preparing inventory deeds;
•    Preparing divorce deeds.

As to judicial litigations, we work, for example, with:

•    Will Enforcement Action;
•    Inventory Action and actions related to inventory;
•    Divorce Suit and actions related to divorce;
•    Change of Property Regime Actions;
•    Request for Permits;
•    Actions for Interdiction and Curatorship.