Novaes, Plantulli e Manzoli Advogados, a

Arbitration and Mediation

Novaes, Plantulli & Manzoli has been working in arbitration for around 20 (twenty) years, acting in the most renowned arbitration chambers, both in Brazil and abroad. We assist our clients in solving conflicts in a practical and competent way — our professional team has wide qualification and experience in the area.

We also act at the preventive and contractual stage, with the elaboration of the arbitration clause, analyzing the most effective terms and conditions in accordance with the specific needs of the client and the concrete case to provide the best resolution of the divergence.

We also have extensive expertise in the homologation of foreign arbitral awards and their subsequent enforcement in the Brazilian jurisdiction, as well as in the enforcement of domestic arbitral awards. 

In the area of mediation, our firm is qualified to assist its clients, emphasizing the importance of this form of conflict resolution and always aiming at the fastest and most effective course of action, with the drafting of mediation agreements, as well as acting in mediations.