Novaes, Plantulli e Manzoli Advogados, a

Tax Law

Our team of lawyers advises our clients in the field of tax law, providing services of a preventive nature, guiding and advising on tax impacts resulting from legal businesses and operations, as well as of a litigious nature, acting to defend their rights both in the administrative and judicial spheres.

Within this scope, our performance – advisory and contentious – covers taxes of all kinds, direct or indirect, in the federal, state, and municipal spheres, in addition to social security contributions.

The focal point of our work is to provide our clients with complete assistance, with a broad view of tax law, applying our experience to the best structuring of business, presenting legal possibilities or aspects that allow the client to choose the best tax efficiency and correct tax collection.

Our tax-related practice can be performed jointly with other areas, such as corporate, business, commercial, succession, real estate law and estate planning, or it can have a narrower scope, more common in its contentious form.

Among the services provided, the following stand out:

•    Administrative and judicial litigation, either preventive or repressive;
•    Tax planning and consulting;
•    Tax legal auditing;
•    Foreign investment and transactions between companies belonging to the same economic group;
•    Refunds, restitutions, and compensations;