Novaes, Plantulli e Manzoli Advogados, a

Civil Litigation

The legal team of Novaes, Plantulli & Manzoli Associates has lawyers who are able and committed to solving clients' conflicts related to Civil Law, the branch of law that governs rights and duties in private legal relationships. Through legal diagnosis linked to the analysis of our clients' needs, we work aiming to provide the most effective solutions to all of the cases presented. 

Our performance is always guided by the primary objective of resolving disputes from the preliminary stage — by means of dispute prevention mechanisms— and, when necessary, before all instances and courts in the country, including the higher courts. 

We seek to act in an agile, creative and combative manner in all areas of Civil Law, such as:

•    Real Estate Law; 
•    Family and Succession Law
•    Corporate Law;
•    Business Law;
•    Consumer Rights and Consumer Law;
•    Credit Recovery.